Two Questions

Well, the salesman is in rehab.  Dr. Norma made him depart from his script and actually think about new applications of his technology.  Something terrible happened in his cranium, but just before he faded away into the sunset, he sent her to his favorite mad scientist, who like us, makes airplanes in the room behind his bicycle shop.

Dr. Norma has been thoroughly enjoying getting to know a kindred spirit and has reduced my bushel basket of questions to just two which are left.  Maybe today she will have hard answers and we can move toward cutting a check.

What I like about her is that she does not enshrine problems.  She shreds them.  The official training class will not be offered until March, but with her usual and customary lifestyle of walking in dominion and extraordinary authority over the 6th head of Leviathan, she has already secured and booked a personal coach and has some comprehensive online training available as a safety net.

All of this is highly encouraging. I like progress.

The down side of her making such wonderful progress is that any minute now I am going to be the choke point in the project.  To my surprise, after we announced the form for people to indicate an interest in the project, we had fewer than 20 people reply.  I am not sure what the lack of interest is about.

But, being the fiercely competitive person I am, I am not about to let Dr. Norma get ahead of me in the problem solving department.  I shall engage in some right brain posture today and surely come up with a solution.

November 25, 2011

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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16 Responses to Two Questions

  1. Bunny Warlen says:

    WOW … I didn’t miss this after all. I have changed email addresses and was making one final roam through mannnnnny old emails and found this one from Sapphire Leadership on Brain Renewal. I had forgotten to let Megan know of my address change hence the checking and oh how I am thankful for this opportunity to participate in this remarkable endeavor and I am sure there are others that will “pop-up” and find out about this project … and donate … and keep donating and then become involved in such a way that they will expand their abilities to dare to grow their own spirits and then they will become even more of viable resource material.
    Our fearless leader … pioneer of great excellence … will lead expeditiously discovering along the way … more ways of measuring data and applying it to the hypothesis set in the beginning.
    Arthur this is Kingdom Mandate work which will bear much fruit.
    You are going forward and being most dangerous for the Kingdom’s sake…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    • Daniele Schmidlin says:

      Yes Bunny, your message joined mine when you are writing, this is Kingdom Mandate work wich will bear much fruits

  2. Scott Cross says:

    “Nonetheless, we are going ahead to find out how many people are interested in..
    finding out what the footprint of their spirit looks like in their brain,
    even though we don’t yet have the equipment to do it!”

    Let me borrow a quote from John Rzeznik: “…And I don’t want the world to see me, ‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand…” could it be that talking about the subject is far less vulnerable and costly than being the subject?

    I have always felt that participation is always more costly then spectating on the front side, but so much more rewarding in the end! Hoping and praying that there will be enough people in the SoFL area to bring the team down this way!

    Thank you for all you do and all you are breakthrough into and unto…Scott

  3. Liz says:

    I’m very excited about this research project, and would happily volunteer. But I didn’t fill out the form because it didn’t seem like I would fit any of the criteria you’re looking for. My brain has significant glitches (although I’ve never had a blow to the head), I’ve had essentially no deliverance/inner healing ministry or ministry to my spirit, and I still have not figured out my redemptive gift.
    Since I don’t live anywhere near S. California, it seemed like waiting was an option.
    (I have now completed the form).

    You might get more feedback if you added a comments section to the form, where people could explain or qualify their answers. Or if you suggested that people apply regardless of how closely they fit your criteria.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      We will allow for qualifing on the phone. And the brain damage is not a limitation at all. Basically others have had brain damage and had EEGs. But the spirit is not damaged. So we would put three profiles side by side. A typical brain profile, a secular/damaged profile, and then your profile of the spirit functioning in a brain that will not allow the soul to function. People will compromised brains will give us some of the most exciting results, since we believe the definition of the spirit is that it does not need to brain to be able to function, while the soul does.

      • Sherry Winslow says:

        I just received the email concerning the Brain journey and I think its great. Although, I live in Ohio, hopefully you’ll be out this way. I know several people who have had brain injuries or attacks on their brain over the years (christians) in this area.
        I did fill out the form but it may sound like I have had brain damage, but I don’t. I had a brain tumor 20 yrs ago and God supernaturally healed me. I had a brain biopsy, not sure if that is considered surgery or not, but, again that was 20 yrs. ago. So, hopefully that if you come this way, I still qualify.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          The brain tumor and related items do not disqualify anyone. We simply will design some of our questions to explore how your spirit is functioning in that regard. That is the only reason for our asking those things. We simply want to get the most out of the experience, by tailoring the questions to where you are.

  4. Tanya Dwyer says:

    The lack of feedback on the volunteer form may be due to three questions that cannot be answered properly unless you have one answer. The question about mind altering drugs for more than a month at a time, the question about boundaries being respected or violated, and the question about how many hours of inner healing have been had are all stuck on one answer. (So my app has wrong info on it. : ) )

  5. Caroline says:

    “form for people to indicate their interest in the project”? Are you still recruiting people? What are the criteria to participate?

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