Wrestling Alligators

Megan did it again!

And it was no easy task.

You see, our website platform has taken an oath of abstinence regarding php.  They not only don’t use it, they don’t allow it on their site!

Tim, on the other hand, has just about as little use for asp, which is their default language.

So there Megan was, caught in the crossfire between two passionate ideologies.  Think Yankees/Rebs.  Chevy/Ford.  Mac/PC.  Dodgers/Giants.  Sunni/Shiite.

All of those pale when compared to the immense, intense php/asp divide among the truly sophisticated programmers.

Ah, but you underestimate Megan.  She patiently listened to the absolutism and fanaticism on each side of the divide and never flinched.  With utter aplomb, she produced an HTML adapt-a-kit that enabled Tim to achieve the desired results on our application form, without violating his conscience or having to go for therapy.

Who knew that there was so much drama, such high tension, and such masterful Mercy diplomacy involved in the volunteer application?!

Now that you have a proper appreciation for the deceptively simple masterpiece that is now gracing this blog, you are stuck with a hard decision.  If being an early adopter is highly important to you, stop reading here and click on the button above that says “Volunteer Info” (or click here if you don’t see the button) so you can be one of the first in line.

Or, since you are more grounded in reality and realize that the order in which I receive the applications means absolutely nothing at all (since it will mostly be about your geographical location and whether you know Hezekiah’s redemptive gift), you can keep reading to learn about our new fandango.

It is, once again, the equipment.

Dr. Norma called the salesman to get the final figures for the machine we wanted to buy.

The salesman was on vacation.  Obviously he is a really good salesman to be able to afford a vacation, and as near as she can tell, is probably redemptive gift of Giving.

When he had spent his loot at the resort of choice and needed to make some more, he returned her call.  True to form, he brushed away all the research she had done over the last few months and assured her that the machine she wanted to buy was utterly inappropriate for what she wanted to do, and what she really needs to buy is this other machine which is ever so much better than the one she wanted and has gobs and bunches of utterly desirable features she will never forgive herself if she doesn’t get.   And it costs more.

Has any salesman ever used a new line in the last 5,000 years?

The only problem is that Dr. Norma was raised in a tribe of merchants.  While she bucked the family heritage to become a doctor instead of a merchant, she was listening to business deals being made and dissected from the time she could sit at the dinner table.  Her extended family of robust proportions has business deals for dinner more often than they have food!

Therefore, the probability of his getting an easy sale is somewhere between zip and nil.  What makes it even harder for that poor boy is that he doesn’t get to talk to the decision maker (me!).

I so know the feeling.  I hate it when I am talking to some minion who has to run everything I say up the flagpole and report back with some invisible, unapproachable person’s decision about this or that.

Nonetheless, we are going ahead to find out how many people are interested in finding out what the footprint of their spirit looks like in their brain, even though we don’t yet have the equipment to do it!

I have great confidence that at the end of some convoluted, triangulated negotiations, we will have something or another to accrue data with!

Or maybe I should get my prickly self out of the way and let Megan shine again.

November 16, 2011

Airborne over Arizona, outbound

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4 Responses to Wrestling Alligators

  1. Pamela says:

    UGH! WHY did it take me so long to get here? Why wasn’t I hanging with you guys in 2011 when all this was going on and I lived in a metropolitan area? I’m loving reading these and catching up on what I missed.

  2. Daniele Schmidlin says:

    Thank you Arthur and your team, Yes this is Kingdom Mandate work wich will bear much fruits

  3. Rosa says:

    Shine on,Megan! 🙂

  4. Regine says:

    Keep praying for you and Megan…

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