Decision Made

I just received an e-mail from Dr. Norma.  All of the team has signed off on the same piece of equipment, so tomorrow she will talk to the sales people and nail down the exact price and delivery date, plus make a decision on the initial set of peripherals.  We should cut a check in a couple of days.  That will be exciting.

We also need to get from the manufacturer the specs for a laptop that has enough gusto to be able to handle all the mass of data the qEEG machine will generate.

Now that the trivial technical decisions have been made, I am really feeling the pressure to find a name fitting for the machine.  Being a wordsmith is not easy some times!  Standby for an announcement.

We also have an issue of training to learn how to work this bundle of wires.  Currently the manufacturer has one set of training days in December that none of the three of us are available to go to.  Hopefully they will schedule something early in January.

Given that there are two Prophets driving this project, we might end up just reading the instructions and getting started without the Scooby Doo certificate on our wall.  After all, what are guinea pigs for, anyway!  Gotta use those raw materials.

Meanwhile, the application form has made it back from the proofreader.  Megan and Tim are now the choke point.  As soon as they get it all prettied up and sheep dip it in some HTML, CSS, Java Script and possibly even a dash of PHP, we will have something for you to engage with.  (Megan and Tim, I hope you are feeling the heat over there.)

November 13, 2011

From Springhill Suites in Grand Rapids, a Mercy division of the Giver, Marriott

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3 Responses to Decision Made

  1. Megan Caldecourt says:

    COOOOL! Good thing we have a blog, so I know what’s going on. ;0) Guess I’d better get crackin’!

  2. fountshults says:

    Arthur, I love your imagery – Scooby Doo and sheep dip. Your humor is refreshing in light of other blogs I read. We are praying for your project and expecting results that will help us enter into the new era of the Church. The paradigm shift is under way; the new day is dawning.

  3. Pat says:

    Blessings, blessings upon all the decisions and decision-makers. May Father multiply all you do into something truly amazing.

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