The meeting last night was not the most emotionally uplifting.

It seems that for every dreamer God created (ME!) He carefully designed someone who is deeply rooted in reality (like some of the scientists on my team).

Then He puts us together, working on the same project.  Imagine the two left wheels on the car powered by a Formula 1 engine and the two right wheels powered by a Peterbilt. It steers kind of funky.

So, I hereby grumpily announce that my dream has (temporarily) ceded ground to the logically defensible, reality-based world view of my more cerebral colleague.

In other words, launch date for first trials is closer to January 1st than December 1st.

Since we are not only doing qEEGs in a way they were never intended to be done, but we are seeking to marry that data to our HRV data, it seems we need to spend more time figuring out how we are going to interpret this data in such a way that it is useful to mankind before acquiring it.

Our lead doctor made a fairly compelling case that substantial quantities of irrelevant, useless data might not make the world a better place.

Sigh.  Grrr.

Pesky details.

So I rummaged through my box of Halloween costumes in the attic and found this really old, dusty outfit of a proper, linear, left brain, methodical, meticulous, unhurried academician and I have worn it for pretty close to 24 hours already.

I want you all to know I have to make some horrific, heroic sacrifices for this project.

November 2, 2011

From my home desk, AKA The Bastion of Orthodoxy

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10 Responses to Sigh

  1. Bunny Warlen says:

    Keep dreaming Arthur … the world needs you more than ever and this launch is on target … just adding more highly specialized fuel to the mix … will go further … faster … and on time.
    Sigh away and grrrr greatly … keeps the engine running smoothly.

  2. Narola Grady says:

    I too bless that right-brain dreaming ability. Certain areas of logic (i.e. math and scientific detail) do not come easily for me. When working with those who have such gifts, I have not been able to translate my ideas/dreams into words that make sense to both of us.

    But God has shown me a different way of dealing with the impasse. In prayer, He gives me a picture of the team players. I then lay hands on the group and bless them with the vision He gave me. I wait upon God, trusting Him to align our hearts and giftings. Sometimes He gives me specific requests to pray out. Other times I just sit in faith, trusting in His download ability.

    Then I just wait for the results to be played out in real time. It has cut down on my frustration levels. I no longer beat myself up for being a dreamer. Rather I continue to enjoy the vision movies with God, and seek to share those in a quiet way with my logical friends.
    The biggest gift for me: I’m staying out of verbal battles that have created broken relationships in the past.

  3. Joyful says:

    “… substantial quantities of irrelevant, useless data might not make the world a better place.”

    Ah, but how to judge what is eventually going to be irrelevant and/or useless??

  4. Rosa says:

    Hey,may I borrow that costume when you’re done with it? My loosy-goosy right brain has me in a quandry…aaargh, those pesky,practical Peterbuilts. As one told me today…God may be stretching the desire..but the time isn’t right. Enjoying the project posts so far, and you’ve only just begun!

  5. Catherine says:

    Okay, I had to laugh…If you are temporarily forced to downshift the Formula One while the Peterbilt grinds through the low gears, AND put up with the chafing collar on that dusty outfit, many blessings for your formidable teacher portion to be out front and embrace this part of the process, as you figure out how to convert what you know is there into usable form.

    Your horrific sacrifices are heroic indeed.

    Father may all of the well-conceptualized and perfectly hewn foundation stones continue to be perfectly fit together to support this project as it grows into its fullness as a transformational Kingdom tool.

  6. Dana says:

    We are so proud of you, Arthur! I know you already know this, but a month really isn’t all that much of a delay. I’m praying that your excitement and adrenalin, and all those accelerator juices that get cooking when you are in your element will NOT dissipate, but they would actually get better and more focused and more productively intense as you link arms with “reality” 🙂 Again, so very, very proud of you, sir! It is no small price you are paying.

  7. Fount Shults says:

    Arthur, I am eagerly waiting for you and your nemeses to get it worked out and find the relevant and significant data. We are praying for your project. By the way, you will be interested to know that a special ed student (autistic) became the hero in a Rochester basketball game.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Dr. Shults, good to hear from you again. I trust your work if thriving and I am deeply grateful for your continued prayer support. And yes, I am excited about your basketball student. Good news indeed.

      • Daniele Schmidlin says:

        I am filled with joy on the face of your dream , I ask God to show you the right candidates, the right way to do these experiments, and ask Him to send you the rest of the medical staff for this team.

  8. David Brown says:

    For encouragement, remember that you were delayed in producing the Principles CD set of teachiings. I’m sure there were numerous times of pain that went considerably beyond a grr or two that you went through. Yet, I’m ever so grateful for those teachings even though I’m still working to get an understanding into my working memory, let alone integrated into my life. For all the delays you experienced in producing that set of teachings, I think they are the most strategic set of teachings you’ve done. So Lord, redeem the delays of this brain project by orchestrating them into the new wine skin to hold the best of your new wine. David Brown, Grand Rapids, MI

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