Team Forming

We now have a fourth doctor unofficially on our team.  He is a bit new to our work with the human spirit but quite far out ahead of us in understanding the neurological issues we are pursuing.  I am looking forward to some fun discussions in months to come.

What is especially exciting is that he had a passion for healing from the chin up long before he heard my material.  He is truly a kindred spirit.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be meeting with our lead doctor to explore the next steps.  She has seen God move wonderfully in the crisis that absorbed her attention for a few weeks. Thanks so much for your prayers.  There is no question that they made a difference.

Please continue to pray for two outstanding issues surrounding that situation which will require God’s intervention, one on the level of the spirit and the other on the level of the body.

The three immediate questions our team will grind on tomorrow are the purchase of equipment, how to structure our data storage so we can retrieve it effectively in the future, and what protocols to use at the core of our standard process.

The second and third questions are so important because we know we don’t know where we are going.  Two years down the road we will discover that X is really the key to what we need, but we were not looking for X before.

We need to create standard protocols which will generate data that can be mined from a different perspective any time in the future.  It is quite a challenge to prepare for a future that we do not comprehend!

I would appreciate your fervent prayers tomorrow afternoon and evening as we hammer on those themes and many more.

On the financial side, we continue to receive gifts for the project and are hugely grateful for your support.  The rest of this year is rather heavily mortgaged!  I am very busy with ministry for the next six weeks, then have a big project at home the last two weeks of the year.

By the first of the year, however, I will be free to restructure where I spend my time.  Such a joy!

Based on the strength of donations so far, I am envisioning having only three main projects going next year which would be very exciting.  This would, of course, be one of the three.

It would mean that I probably will do few, if any, seminars next year, but that is the adjustment we have to make if I divert significant time to a new project.  Something has to be subtracted any time we add something to the schedule.  (Some of you need to write that down and ponder it).

Within a week or two, we should have a form on this website for those who would like to volunteer their brain and their spirit to be electronically inspected!

Just to be sure there are no misunderstandings, no one will be paid for their services — not our technical team and not those being tested — and there are no medical services offered at all.  This is not designed to diagnose ANYTHING physical since we are working on spirit protocols only.

Keep praying.  We are off to a far faster start than most of our new projects.  God is gracing this from day one and we are excited.  But this one will need a LOT of prayer for a number of years.

Halloween evening, 2011

From home, where I am being anti-social

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3 Responses to Team Forming

  1. I have been Anti-Social on Oct for about 2 decades now and it seems the 2 weeks leading up to it this year as well. This was my first Oct 31 in Clewiston, FL and it was challenging to me and my Spirit. I am not sure that I could participate from here but I would love too if possible (“Within a week or two, we should have a form on this website for those who would like to volunteer their brain and their spirit to be electronically inspected!”). I keep side steeping the thought of starting a church and using Ministering to the Spirit as one of the foundational elements but Life Coaching through this lens looks very interesting as well. Maybe my brain will prove “Very Interesting…”{:~)> Thank you for who you are, all you do and all you give!

  2. Rosa says:

    Anti -social,eh? you probably deserve an evening of that. Question on the testing..How/where does that take place?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Anti-social meaning I was not participating in Halloween. Testing will take place wherever people are. Plan is to line up a dozen or so people in some geographic region and then one of our team flies back there for a few days to collect a bucket full of data. Some will come to California. We basically will have to do what we have to do to get the data we need. That is why it will be slow.

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