First Graph

Here are a few sample graphs from the first scan we did in Malaysia.

Note the low level of activity across the board here. This is the picture of the brain of a very intelligent person, trying hard not to think about not thinking about anything.  While he did not succeed in totally quieting his brain, this scan would be a dream come true for a lot of people who struggle with a “hot brain.”

Thinking About Not Thinking

Here is our baseline soul exercise we would use for comparison with a nearly identical spirit exercise.

Soul Baseline Exercise

Now contrast this with the parallel exercise for the spirit which we did about half an hour later.  Notice that the most intense Alpha waves activity is much more toward the front of the brain where the Seat of Dominion is.

Spirit Exercise for Contrast

Now the last one was where I was ministering to his spirit in an area that mattered to him a lot.  Notice how much activity there is in the Gamma wave sector.  It is our totally unproven (highly exciting) hypothesis that when we can generate Gamma waves in the region of the Seat of Dominion, we will have a very high return on investment in the rest of the body.

(Check back in 12 months or so for confirmation or discarding of our theory du jour!)

Gamma Wave Excitement in Spirit

We are a long way from having a scientifically defensible package of data, but even at this primitive level, it is exciting to think of the possibilities.

Copyright October 2011 by Arthur Burk

Written at Starbucks on Antelope off Interstate 80

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4 Responses to First Graph

  1. Sonia says:

    I am very excited Arthur for this entire project!
    I have received incredible healing in my brain from receiving spirit ministry. I don’t have the before and after brain scans to prove what I feel and know to be true! Thank you for entering the office of Scientist with this project Arthur!
    I also will continue to pray for you and everyone involved in this project.

  2. Rosa says:

    That is incredible. I can sense your excitement 🙂 Bravo on a great start.

  3. fountshults says:

    Arthur, this is very exciting to me. I have been speaking to the spirit of individuals and groups in the context of personal ministry for several years. The limited study I have done on the brain has already confirmed the truth of what I believe happens. This much I know: the lives of the people are definitely changed. I am eager to follow this study..

  4. Sharon VanHorn says:

    Wonderful news and exciting developments.. I have been working with traumatized people using a model that deals with the brain and heart. As a foundation for that work, I have been blessing their spirits. I look forward to the results of your ongoing research and seeing how blessing the spirit indeed makes a difference. Blessings to you and your team as you continue. I will continue to pray.

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