My dad was a sailor in the Merchant Marines during WW II.  Therefore I grew up with a great number of nautical expressions in my vocabulary.  One of which was “a shake down cruise.”

That refered to a newly commissioned ship being sent to sea for a few days to be sure everything worked and everyone on board knew how to work the ship.

The concept behind the expression was that we simply don’t expect perfection at the beginning of a new venture because there are sure to be surprises and loose ends. It was wonderful to grow up in a home where new things could be messy without repercussions.

And messy it is right now as we begin this new thing.  There are a couple of key people on the team who have each taken a big hit and will be unavailable for just a few weeks.  That will slow us down for a bit in terms of purchasing the equipment.

So please be in prayer for them as they work through some challenging situations unrelated to this project.

On the plus side, God has sent us another person with some specialized skills which will enrich the process a lot.

This “shake down cruise” is pretty normal for us.  With this blog you will get to see the emotional ups and downs of a big project like this.  It will be a long, long wild ride.

I am grateful for those who have donated to the project.  While we have some significant intellectual capital in this arena, having money to lubricate the process helps a lot.  We are already at 20% of our goal, so that is exciting and bodes well for the big picture.

That is it for this update.   I will report in again when we have some action.

Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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