September 29, 2011

We go public with the plan and solicit prayer, volunteers and donations.

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  1. Kate Mazur says:

    This is a thrill to be sure! My spirit leaps and longs to be a part of your team though I am still just coming out of the negative and heading toward positive twenty. I hope someday to catch up with you all there and come along side to help in significant ways. I itch to be in your meetings and prayer rooms, listening and learning and seeking the Lord for connections we don’t yet see. Waiting to roll up my sleeves, Kate

  2. Esther DS says:

    I can’t say that I am at all surprised. I am eager to see the documentation and have in hand the facts to offer the many who cry evidences are necessary before “buying into” any of that fringe Christianity stuff. My son was born with multiple brain malformations and I know that speaking to his spirit has great effects, though we have yet to see mass healing. I will keep it up and I am delighted to pray and observe this exciting journey. Blessings to the whole team and all involved, even peripherally! 🙂

  3. Debs says:

    Me too: I’m excited and will be praying. Thank you for doing the work!

  4. Barbara James says:

    Today I read the question, “What about music?” on the SLG homepage and felt I should share this experience from the early 90’s. In a lay ministry team I was part of in my church in North Carolina was a psychiatrist. He firmly believed in the power of prayer and asked us to go with him to his office to conduct an experiment using his biofeedback equipment. One of the women agreed to be hooked up to the machine as she had continuous severe pain from rheumatoid arthritis. As we prayed for her we were watching the image of her brain on the monitor and the psychiatrist was showing us the pain center. Much to all our disappointment it didn’t seem to make any changes nor did she feel any relief. However, one member of the group started to sing, “Amazing Grace” and we all joined in singing to her. As we did, the color on the monitor changed as well as her countenance. The woman shared that we were singing her favorite hymn and while we were singing she could feel her pain diminish. This seems to me that the ministry to her spirit through singing certainly impacted her brain.

  5. Carrie Dyck says:

    Fifteen years ago I had a little girl in my home daycare who as a newborn onward could not sleep more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time. She screamed for hours and at age two and a half I told her parents I might not be able to keep her. Her parents home life was a nightmare . One afternoon Holy Spirit told me to lay hands on her brain and pray for her just before her afternoon nap. I started that very day. My usual routine had been to sing her two songs about Jesus and now I added the prayer . After a few weeks of this , when I was nearing the end of the songs , the little girl would take her wee little hands in anticipation of the Prayer and take mine and place them on her head. Everyday – five days a week – for nine months she placed my hands on her own head and I prayed that God would re-wire her brain and any other healing it might need. Little by little she became a totally different person. She became happy and calm and slept. She was a joy and Blessing to have in my home and also in her own home. At age 4 she asked Jesus into her heart. A few months later , while thanking God for her lunch , she thanked God that she had Jesus in her heart and asked God to help her never to let Him out. Only four years old !!! An anointed Prayer by a little girl who had been touched by Holy Spirit.

    To this day I am still in awe of what God wants to do for us. Bless you as you develop this project and I will follow your findings and hold you up in prayer because I know God wants to do Great and Mighty things which we don’t know and can’t understand in this area of healing.

    Blessings ~~~ CARRIE ~~~

  6. Sharon says:

    Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist, has been studying and performing brain spect scans for years to find out how an individual’s brain is working. He uses this to help diagnose how to proceed with add/adhd, as well as brain trauma and injuries resulting from concussions. He is, of course, not highly favored by the medical community and is considered a quack by many of his colleagues. Your interest and work in the human spirit and the brain is also cutting edge and may be viewed in the Christian community as quackery. I’m intrigued and will be looking for the survey. I love a good learning project!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      To Sharon (and a whole lot of other people): I have been rather inundated with private and public emails about Dr. Leaf’s book and Dr. Amen’s research. I appreciate both of them as forerunners in the field, but they simply are not addressing what we are. With Dr Amen in particular, as with a lot of other technology as well, they take a picture of the cumulative impact of life on the brain. That is helpful for diagnostic purposes, but it is not the same as seeing a real time picture of the activity of the brain. One is a snap shot and the other is a movie. Also, Dr. Amen’s protocol tends to be drug related, not using the spirit to heal the brain.

      I have had his books, along with Dr Wilder’s, and Dr. Schores on my shelves for over ten years.

      What we are looking for is a movie of how the spirit is impacting the brain when the spirit is doing different things. That is a new field of research which is not captured by the forerunners.

      • Mary Herrema says:

        You are in my prayers and if I should discover any potential movies of brain scans I will forward it, I have seen pictures as I am sure you probably have of spiritual activity affecting the brain, and seemingly permanent changes to damaged brains after spiritual activities, but as far as the movie aspect….well leave it to you guys, always cutting edge for the Kingdom’s sake.
        This is huge and at the same time is simple for the One who is the author of Life, it would be like Him to want us to witness His handiwork and presence in the inner workings of our minds. I believe you a breath away from realizing and witnessing astounding breakthrough. The machine is in His hands too, be encouraged, you are doing a production for the on who thought of all this. The warfare will make it that much sweeter, but you already know that.
        Mary Herrema

  7. Anna Deepwell says:

    I am so excited to find this! I have been struggling with PTSD for 3 1/2 years, two of the biggest symptoms are insomnia and depression, I’m not even able to work right now. I’m so desperate for healing but don’t know where to turn. Please let me know when I could be involved in this!

  8. April Richey says:

    This is awesome news! Can’t wait to see what comes of it. My spirit is already leaping with excitement! This is just another leap into “a better way!”

  9. Cathie Sheldon says:

    Pick me Pick Me for the profile on the hot brain! I suddenly realize in the night I’m not sleeping but thinking, thinking. So, if there is not a prayer need that’s woken me, I’ll spend some time just trying to stop the thinking so I can go back to sleep.
    I’ve started to pray before I sleep and give my body and brain permission to rest and sleep all night. “Brain, you be quiet now and rest in those deeper functioning areas of you, so that the body can get all the rest it needs tonight.” But I don’t always see results.
    I will follow this project with great anticipation of the understanding to come. Yee-haw! You GO!

  10. Wendy says:

    I can’t wait to see what the Lord reveals through this project! I’ll be covering you guys in prayer and tracking the blog.

  11. Debbie G. says:

    This makes so much sense, if the Spirit is in the Seat of Dominion, of course the Holy Spirit can instruct/lead in the healing of the brain!
    I’ve been praying for my own brain, with a Perceptual issue I have sturggled with all of my life, not knowing what it was unti a few years ago. I have even more assurance in this now as I read the blog posts.
    I will indeed be praying! so many more people need to know this!!

  12. Tracy says:

    Wow! This is right up my street! I am so excited about your Brain Project. For many years I have been reading up on the subject of the brain, how it functions in various situations (stress, pain, the classroom, bereavement, music etc) and have marvelled at the wonderful secular and non-secular work done by the likes of Eric Jensen, Carla Hannaford and various others. The emphases have been on the soul and on the physiological. I have wondered how the spirit may be involved in all of this and to what extent. Your project is the fulfillment of all my musings and I am on tenterhooks with expectation for all that Father has to reveal about this amazing organ, what was lost in the Garden and what can be redeemed. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it!! Thank you, Arthur.

  13. Pat says:

    Arthur, this is SO exciting! I love it! The brain is one of my special areas of interest, but you are way ahead — as usual. Let me know if I can help.

  14. Nancy Backenstoes says:

    wow, your on the move again or shall I say continually. There is so much more that our Lord has for us and you are eager to be open to Him. Thank you I am excited and expect the Lord Jesus to show you as He leads the way.
    Nancy B

  15. Jen K says:

    This is amazing stuff! My spirit is leaping within me! Thank you for taking this research to the next level and for sharing with us the exciting developments. I have no doubt this will be transformational for those who help others in their healing journey, as well as those who need healing. I will be praying for this and tracking with you and your team. Bless you!

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