September 25, 2011

I met with part of our medical team to discuss equipment purchase.  There are four manufactures.  We discussed the questions we need to ask to sort out which machine is right for us.  One of our team has a friend who is a neurologist, and she will arrange to watch an EEG be done and will ask the technician about his opinions of the equipment on the market.

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3 Responses to September 25, 2011

  1. Dr Kam Wong says:

    As a clinician who treats PTSD and DID, I find this project very interesting indeed. However, this project also presupposes that we can now separate out spirit activities versus soul activities. Can you please comment on this Arthur

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Dr. Wong, this is an issue that we have been working on for over seven years. The theory and the tools are in our set “Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar.” Enjoy!

  2. Patty says:

    I’d really love to see how the brain responds to spiritual activity and how that can help with PTSD, anxiety, etc. I’d love to participate in your survey!

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