During the brain tests for the mother/daughter issues, we tripped over another dynamic that intrigued me.

The hypothalamus is the bridge between the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the endocrine system.  It receives substantial input from the myriad biofeedback loops in the body, interprets that data and gives directions to the pituitary gland which in turn is pretty heavy handed in bossing around most of the rest of the endocrine system.

Now if we lift that out of the biological model and plug it into the fractal approach, it looks like this.

The CNS is representative of the Father.  The pituitary is Prophet.  The hypothalamus is Giver.  The endocrine system as a whole is Mercy.

The essence of the Father is that He gives.  But for this system to work, the Giver has to receive everything Father wants to give and give back to the pituitary accurate data.  If the Giver is not willing to receive the gifts from the Father, then the input that the Giver gives to the Prophet will be flawed and the direction the Prophet gives to the Mercy will be destructive.

I think of Abram who had chronic issues with God’s agenda.  God wanted to give him land and he wanted to receive a son.  God was going to give him a son eventually, but because God did not give the son in the sequence and timing Abram wanted, he was quite hampered in receiving and enjoying the gifts he was given by God.

We are pretty focused on root issues here at SLG.  There are sundry calibration problems many people have with the adrenals and thyroid particularly and often with the pancreas as well.  What if these end users of data are getting bad data from the pituitary which is getting bad data from the hypothalamus which is refusing good data from the CNS?

Is it possible that the social contracts that we write for God — that He ignores–  are a contributing factor to many endocrine system malfunctions?

Or to turn it around and look at it from the other side, what would happen to your hypothalamus if you were to devote 90 days to aggressively seeking to receive everything God wants to give you?

What would happen to our physical bodies, if we took a 90 day hiatus from petitioning Him and simply walked each day, proclaiming that everything in our life is Father-filtered?  What would happen if we leaned into the gifts God gave us even when we are aching for something else?

Is there any chance that our skewed relationship with the generosity of the Father is having direct implications to our physical health?

We don’t have any plans (at this time) to do a test for this, but it is certainly intriguing.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

From room 229, on the road

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Closure on Mother/Daughter Project

Several months ago we started a brain testing project that involved adult women who had sustained, unresolvable conflicts with their mothers.  The project evolved from some observations we made last year about the human spirit not being willing to go to certain regions of the brain when that situation existed.

This time people came to us instead of our going to them which made for a slower project but it did not require our stopping everything going on in the office for several months while we were out in the field.

Obviously some of the people who came simply did not have appropriate skills for conflict resolution so it was not really a brain problem.  But very quickly a pattern emerged with the parietal lobe of the brain being implicated repeatedly in these adult daughters.

This puzzled me because the parietal lobe is part of the Servant fractal.  I could not find maternal issues in the Servant position in any of the fractal of seven.  For example, in creation, the Servant is represented by the atmosphere being created.  In the Tabernacle furniture, the bronze laver is not overly maternal.  In the seven last words on the cross, Christ dealing with the thief is not the essence of maternal dynamics.

Fortunately we had a good stream of volunteers and eventually one day, something shifted and we saw what the game really was.

The core problem was in the Giver portion of the brain, the cerebellum.  And THAT made sense.  The Giver fractal is loaded with maternal themes, beginning with the creation of fish and birds on the fifth day.

The key is the historic symbiotic relationship between the Servant and the Giver.

So to simplify all the jargon, in every case we identified, there was an AHS in the parietal lobe.  That drew the attention of the researchers away from the real problem in the cerebellum.

In most cases, there was the fifth head of Leviathan (broken communication) lodged very discretely in the cerebellum, staying out of sight and causing considerable damage.  In a few cases, there was an AHS in the cerebellum causing the dysfunction.

At the end of the day, it was a pairing of two unclean entities in the brain that were creating havoc in interpersonal relationships.

Now this is quite a challenging conclusion.  Some of these people have been through immense levels of deliverance.  Why is it that critters in the brain seem to escape the majority of the deliverance techniques out there, yet when they are exposed, they go fairly easily?

This is a problem which we do not have an answer for, but it certainly highlights the need for brain work to become a standard part of any deliverance team’s tool kit.

All told, we were very pleased with the process.  We had a theory and it was quickly proved wrong.  But by following the trail of the actual data, we arrived at a solid place with good answers for people.

Now, it is important to go on record that the electrical equipment was valuable for our discovery process but was not essential.  In our experimentation it was wonderful to have multiple confirmations of strange data but you don’t need that.  Let me illustrate.

The EAV equipment accurately identified whether it was an AHS or Leviathan in 97% of the cases.  For electronics, that is impressive.  So by the start of the process, I knew what the game was, but the volunteer did not.

Then we set up the EEG and we went through the preliminary steps of establishing a baseline for the brain and the soul activity.

When it came time to work with the spirit, I would ask each portion of the spirit if it was able to go to the sections of the brain that corresponded to its fractal.  If there was defilement, the pertinent portion of the spirit would refuse to go there.  In some cases it went there but expressed great concern.

So that became an independent validation by their spirit of what we had already seen with the EAV equipment.  And then of course there is the confirmation by the EEG.

My point is this.  We found the equipment helpful for solving the original riddle just because the redundancy was confirming and comforting.  What the EAV showed, their spirit confirmed as accurate.

However, you don’t need it.  All you need is a partner who can work with your spirit.

Have your friend call your spirit to the front and explain what you are going to do.  Ask the Servant portion if it is safe for it to go to the parietal lobe, both the right and left hemispheres.  Ask the Giver portion if it can go to the cerebellum.

If their answer is no to both then you want to start with the Servant portion.  Ask Servant whether it is a living thing there in the parietal lobe, or a device.  A small percentage of the time the critters have been already removed but have left behind a mechanism that continued to perpetuate the aberrant behavior.

If it is a device, then ask the angels to destroy it and wait until your spirit confirms that.

If it is not a device, ask your spirit whether it is an AHS or Leviathan and proceed accordingly.

Now this test was very narrow:  adult women with enduring conflict with their mothers.

Considering the fact that the fifth head of Leviathan is willing to scramble anyone’s communication, and thereby fracture relationships, it is worth your time to explore your own cerebellum if you have any enduring relational issues with anyone.

It may well not be you.  As Scripture says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  Rom. 12:18  Some people have issues and are not going to get along with you, but we need to own our stuff.

All told, a big thank you to all the volunteers who made their way to California, especially the ones at the front end when our methodology was sloppy and the results were uninspiring.  We stood on your shoulders for the rest.

Copyright November 2013 by Arthur Burk

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Angels in Your Brain

Just to review the journey, EEGs were originally developed to track brain anomalies.  Eventually someone began using them to also track thoughts.

A couple of years ago we had the idea to track the presence of the human spirit as it functioned in the brain and we developed a solid protocol showing that this was possible.

Then we tag teamed the EAV machine and the EEG machine to identify where in the brain an AHS might be lurking.  Since the last blog, we have done other tests and continue to have solid accuracy.

Our latest joy was being able to identify Leviathan in the brain.  (“Our” being the researchers in the room.  I don’t recall any euphoria on the part of the client.)

I had one experience some time back suggesting that the EAV machine could identify Leviathan, but we have sufficiently few people with Leviathan on the brain that I never got a chance to test my hypothesis.

Sometime in the mad rush since the last blog, we did have an EAV test that came up AHS in two parts of the brain and what I suspected was “the” marker for Leviathan in the frontal lobe.

We switched to the EEG for the follow up.  One cluster of AHS was compliant, another copped an attitude.  When that drama was over, I engaged her spirit and asked about Leviathan in the frontal lobe.

The answer was a bit of a surprise.  Her Prophet portion said that Leviathan was not active there but had left a structure that was still operating.  Fascinating that we had picked up on a device that was acting like an entity, but the entity was gone.

I checked to see if there was a guard of any sort we needed to deal with.  Answer was “No.”

So we asked the angels to come in and dismantle the mess and restore original design.

It took several minutes.  I kept checking in with the Prophet portion to get percentage of completion reports.

What that means is that we now have an EEG record of angelic work in the brain quite apart from sentient creatures being active.  We will bookmark that portion of her EEG to use for comparison with others where we know there has been angelic activity.

Right now I could not pick out angelic activity on an EEG although I am sure we have had their help before, but now that we have a baseline, we can start to build that competency.

On a more pragmatic note, the immediate result for the client was no change.  She came to the appointment in the midst of a fairly depressed patch and left the appointment to more of the same.  The week after was pretty grim in fact.

But since then, things have shifted significantly for her.  One of the pervasive issues in her life was attracting business people who were unproductive and unfair.  Whether it was the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker, her choices generally brought her grief and she could not get justice when she appealed.

She of course warred against the Aramean Curse, the Moabite Curse, the Philistine Curse and the victim spirit until she probably knows those teachings better than most of you.  The result was essentially nothing.  Year after year.

After cleaning out her brain, several of her glitchy business relationships suddenly decided to play nice and volunteered to fulfill their contractual obligations without fussing at her.

This is a dramatic turn around.  We have no idea whether it is the result of getting rid of the Leviathan device, or the AHS, but it is a welcome result anyway and far more than anything we had hoped for.

It takes me back to all of the e-mails I have received from people who got no results from the Seven Curses teaching.  Admittedly some of them did not change their lifestyles at all so there is no reason to expect change from a renunciation, but I wonder how many did all the right things only to be thwarted by an AHS or a Leviathan device.

Copyright August 2013 by Arthur Burk

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We Did it! We Really, Really Did It!

No, I’m not going to tell you what we did in the first line of the blog!  There must be a story with some suspense.  Grab a sweet tea and settle in.

Imagine someone bringing you a brand new pickup and telling you it is your job to make it swing from a tree like Tarzan.  You protest that this is not what pickups are made for and they have no opposable thumbs so it is impossible.  However, you are told to do it anyway.

That is a snapshot of Megan’s life at SLG.

I go out and find some fancy schmantzy piece of electrical equipment and bring it back to the office with firm instructions to make it do things the inventor NEVER designed it to do, or even imagined it possible to be done.

Fortunately, I have more imagination than most equipment designers so I can see wonderful possibilities for a pickup truck in the tree tops.

The latest equipment was the EAV.  We acquired it in early spring.  I told Megan I needed it to identify which lobe of the brain had an AHS or one of the heads of Leviathan.

She went to the designer of the equipment and spent a couple of days being trained, then came back and told me the equipment did not do that.

I told her, “It must. Make it happen.”

So several months, multiple failures and endless e-mails and phone calls later, my pickup can swing from a tree better than Tarzan.  So there and GO MEGAN!

We are back in the flow of testing again after a few months hiatus to study the data from last year, only this time people are coming to us.  For this year’s test, the EAV and the EEG tag team.

Megan runs the baseline test with the EAV to be sure they have a license to live and they brought most of their organs with them.  Then I come watch while she tests the seven portions of the brain with the handy dandy, tree-swinging protocol she has developed (without the knowledge or permission of the inventor) and we then know if there are resident AHS in the brain and where!

Next we hook them up to the EEG, test the brain, then test the soul, then engage the spirit.  After having a friendly little chat with the spirit, I play the joker. I ask the portion of the spirit that matches the portion of the brain with the AHS if it is willing to go there.  Invariably the answer is NO!

For example, the Servant is usually the most viable portion of the spirit, even if some portions are still pretty trashed.  If I ask the Servant to go to the parietal lobe and it won’t, something is wrong because that should be comfortable turf for the Servant.

Just to validate our methodology, I have asked a Servant portion if it was captive or free.  The answer was “Free.”

I have asked if it is willing to work with me and it says, “Sure.”

I then ask it to go somewhere that I know is clean (from the EAV) like the occipital lobe, and it goes merrily and reports all is well.

But it won’t go where it belongs.

So we then engage the AHS (while the EEG is running) and have ourselves a moderate to intense amount of drama for a few minutes.  After the angels clean up the shanty town the AHS has built in that portion of the brain, the Servant portion is quite willing to go explore that territory.

We have now done three client in a row with 100% accuracy.  When I deal with the lobes where the EAV said there were AHS, we found them and enabled them to appropriately relocate.

We did it.  We really, really did it!  The first one might have been a fluke, but by the third one, there was no doubt.  This dawg will HUNT!

Now we ask the classic Sapphire question, “So what?”

Clearly I have found and dealt with a whole lot of those things with simple ordinary discernment, without needing a box full of silicone chips.  What is the big deal?

Well, for starters, it will allow us to refine the distinction between brain issues that need to be dealt with through surgery or brain integration therapy or some other modality, and spiritual issues.

For example, let’s go back to Sally whose Servant portion wanted nothing to do with the parietal lobe.  In daily life, Sally has some chronic problems with physical space and directionality.  Little things that seem quite generic to the rest of us like centering a car in a parking space, or stacking things from large at the bottom to small at the top are a challenge to her.  So is going someplace new, even when she has a GPS.

And she is not alone.  A lot of people have low grade irritations from being spatially challenged.  It is the parietal lobe that is supposed to take all the incoming data and crunch the numbers to enable a person to properly fit the space.

Clearly brain damage can produce that.  So can deficits in childhood experiences.  An overweight child who never played sports will have a less than optimal ability to measure the dynamics of a moving object that is in their space (a ball in childhood sports or a car in adulthood).

But an AHS that hijacks the parietal lobe could also produce the same unevenness in spatial positioning.

Brain damage can often be resolved with extensive investment of time, effort and money.

Underdeveloped parietal lobes can be nurtured with some time invested in sports or other basic moving-object activities.

But an AHS can be resolved in half an hour or less and produces a huge release in a person’s life!

While I was writing this blog, Sally sent me a photo of her car perfectly parked between the lines.  She is stoked.  What no amount of training or trying could produce, a simple eviction achieved.  One day after her AHS departed, she can park!  Gotta love it.  No $25,000 bill for brain therapy.

Most of the AHS in other parts of our body produce symptoms that are much more noticeable.  We go for medical help and are told the symptoms don’t match up with the test results and we then have a clue that there is an AHS involved.

The three clients whose AHS have been exposed by the EAV had no idea they had AHS in their brain.  The problems were not bad enough to draw attention to the spiritual residents, but I can tell you that the freedom they gained after parting ways with the AHS has been measurable in their lives.

We have miles and miles to go before the tools and techniques are portable, but I envision the day when there are many technicians around the country who can tell the difference between a brain glitch and a squatter in your brain.  It takes just five minutes to run the brain part of the EAV test.

And it is all because Megan can make a pickup truck swing through the trees in the jungle better than Tarzan, and because we have an endless supply of you oh, so lovely guinea pigs who allow us to fail for months before getting it right.

We are still taking volunteers for this round of testing in late August and September.  (Hint, hint).  Our specific focus in this round is women with a tough relationship with their mother and those who are overweight and the weight does not respond to diet and exercise — in fact it is random.  Send an e-mail to Friends@TheSLG.com to start the exploratory process.

What if your mother was primarily reacting to the AHS in you, not you!  Did you play your heart out to win your mother’s love, only to be harshly pushed away?  Was she possibly reacting to your visitor, not you?

And if an AHS can hijack the brain so you can’t park a car straight, can it also hijack the metabolism control centers of your brain?

Well, I don’t know.  Yet.  But it sure seems like maybe . . .

Copyright July 2013 by Arthur Burk

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Volunteers for Testing

The blog has been depressingly silent for the last couple of months, but our team has neither been depressed nor inert.

Our experiments with the fruit of the Spirit and the EAV machine went nowhere. It will take a different configuration to test what we want to test, and we have pushed that to the back of the stove for the moment.

At present I don’t have the time to travel and test, but for those who are in the Southern California area and would like to volunteer a couple of hours, we would be delighted to build our data base a bit and experiment with a couple of new ideas at your expense!

The first has to do with weight issues. There are three common reasons for too much weight — eating too much, not exercising enough, or imbalance in your glands. However, there is a group of people who have pounded on all three of those factors and not made any progress. There is a mysterious SOMETHING that makes your weight be completely disconnected from your caloric dynamics.

You work hard in the yard for three days while you are eating wisely and you gain weight. You indulge and you lose a pound or two. Some things you do produce short term results, but after about two weeks that strategy stops working and you are stuck again. It is crazy making because there seem to be no rules except that you can’t win!

Sound familiar? If you are interested in letting us test your inner workings (body, soul and spirit) with the EAV equipment, we might (or might not) come up with a new strategy that gets to the root of the matter (which is not calories!).

The other area we would like to explore is women who have had a conflicted relationship with their mother, and who have a professional relationship with God when doing ministry, but can’t really connect deeply with God on a personal level. If you have invested a lot in your spiritual walk, but the stuff that works for others does not work so well for you, we would like to explore a bit.

Last year when we were doing EEGs we found a pattern of one portion of the brain where the human spirit could not go and it seemed to be correlated to the mother issues. We now have an idea of how to fix that (and possibly unleash your spiritual walk). At present, it is only an idea, so we need some of our beloved guinea pigs to experiment with.

In each situation, you will be given a rather lengthy (intrusive) spread sheet to fill out with yes or no answers, then Megan will run a test.

If you are in the area and have some flexibility to your schedule, send me an e-mail at Friends@TheSLG.com, and we will figure out when we can schedule you in.

Please note that flexibility is necessary. We cannot drop the other things we are doing to adjust to your schedule because you happen to be passing through from out of state. We are only doing tests on MWF in the afternoon or early evening.

So . . . any takers?

Copyright June 2013 by Arthur Burk
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Interpreting EAV Data

A few weeks ago we received a large donation and were able to purchase an EAV machine and get Megan trained on it.  This equipment measures the electrical currents in the meridians of the body and then interprets the data.

There is a lot of science involved and a lot of human assumptions.  The science comes from measuring the electrical current.  The machine challenges your body with a tiny electrical charge and then the system measures the push back by your body.  This is hard science.  Clean, simple and well substantiated.

However, all of the software interpreting the electrical signal coming back is quite suspect.  You see, the alternative medicine field sees one set of energy in your body.  I differ passionately (of course).  I believe you have your life force, your spirit, the Holy Spirit, a wide variety of unclean spirits, body memories, attachments to time, land and other people.  Every single one of those factors contains energy in your body that is measured by the machine.

And the software absolutely does not make those fine distinctions.

At present we know we can do a baseline, kick out a demon and retest to verify that the demon is gone.  That is a nifty little tool but hardly world changing.  We are currently having to use discernment to determine whether a reading that points to abnormality in some organ is actually biological or spiritual, and if spiritual, is it the result of unclean or clean spiritual activity.  That would certainly be more useful but still not extraordinary.

Over time, we will be refining a data base that makes those distinctions for us, although discernment will, I am sure, continue to be a primary tool.

Another facet of the equipment is the software that matches an herbal treatment to the problem.  Suppose you are pegged by the machine as having a gimpy liver.  The normal practice would be to place a series of herbs on the machine which reads the electromagnetic properties of each compound and alerts you when you have a good match between the assets of the remedy and the deficit of the liver.

Again, there is solid science here since every plant carries its own electromagnetic fingerprint, so the machine is reading an absolute reality.  On the flip side, the software is still doing some interpretation based on human presuppositions we don’t share.  So we are cheerfully going to bubble gum the software so we can interpret the science with our theology.  And THAT starts to get exciting.

We are not in the herb business, nor in the business of diagnosing biological health issues, but we are going to experiment to see if we can measure the vitality of the human spirit and then drill down to the seven portions of the spirit.  At the end of the day, the human spirit is a very specialized electromagnetic field (AKA light!) so tracking it should be fairly easy.

At the same time, we want to use the trial and error method they use with herbs, but we will do it with Scripture.  So for example, suppose the Teacher portion of your spirit tests out as gimpy.  We wonder whether Teacher needs hope, patience, vision, reconciliation, passion or whatnot to restore his or her vitality.  If we could test for that, it would be quite easy to “prescribe” a good dose of Scripture passages with the needed theme, instead of just throwing a bunch of generically good verses at the spirit.

So here is the first iteration of the plan.  We have widely quoted the Scripture that says the Word of God is “living.”  In its verbal form, we quite understand and agree.  But what about in written form?  We will find out in a few days.

Gabi will take a series of 3 x 5 generic cards and print on them the fruit of the Spirit in various fonts.  So, for example, one card would have “love” printed on it a dozen times in different fonts, sizes and colors.  One card for each of the fruit of the Spirit.  Those will serve as the baseline because the paper and ink carry a charge that has to be factored in.

Then she will do a parallel set of cards with verses that highlight each of the different fruit of the Spirit.  Again, one card per fruit.  We will test them out to see if there is a dramatic difference in how the machine reads the two cards.

I don’t expect it to work, but I have learned a long time ago to try the simple things, because sometimes, they do work!!!  So we will.  If in fact, the words of Scripture printed on paper with ordinary ink carry a different electromagnetic charge than the words of man, that would certainly launch us into overdrive!

And if it doesn’t, I have two more back up plans.

Anyway, we have entered a fun new phase of research where we are working with the seminal data of energy flow throughout the whole body, not just in some sector of the brain.  Being able to watch the spirit and the Spirit do their amazing partnership through our body will be splendiferously exciting for our not-devoid-of-excitement team.

The beauty of this machine is that we can do a baseline test on a person in five or ten minutes, do some ministry and then retest the problematic part in 30 seconds to find out if what we are doing is effective.  That way we can try a dozen things in an hour or two, and when we find a protocol that seems highly effective (based on the snapshots the EAV machine takes), we can then do an EEG test to watch the movie of the spirit healing the brain while we speak to it.

Fun stuff indeed.

While Megan and I are busy making the machine do things its designer never envisioned, Lacy is drilling down on the basal ganglia in the brain.  In Down Syndrome kids, calcification begins in the basal ganglia for most of them in the first year of life and that calcification and the parallel inhibiting of circulation has a cascade effect in hampering certain areas of their motor skill development and general functionality.

This is the Mercy portion of the brain.  We are wondering whether working with the Mercy portion of a newly diagnosed Down Syndrome child could preclude this customary development.

The bottom line is that this piece of equipment massively opens up avenues for application and verification of protocols that involve the human spirit’s healing capacity in the context of fractals.  And the beautiful thing is, once the protocols are developed and proven in the lab, you will be able to do them at home at no cost, with no equipment — just your spirit working with the spirit of someone you love in a more focused and technical way.

Thanks for the donations.  They do make a difference in speeding up the process.

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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Alpha Waves and Your Spirit Part 2

We began with a simple system of Alpha waves being dominant in a resting brain, specifically with eyes closed, while Beta waves are faster and represent the thinking, problem solving activity of a brain when your eyes are open.

While that simplistic paradigm did not necessarily conform consistently to reality, it was a beginning place.

Now let’s add two more gears to the transmission.   When someone goes to sleep, their brain activity slows down initially to Theta waves which are associated with REM sleep, and eventually to Delta waves, the slowest of them all.  This is deep, dreamless sleep, with essentially no body movement.

Again, the generic paradigm is deceptively simple, but in reality, Delta sleep occasionally has Alpha waves riding on top of the Delta waves!

Now right from the start, this is a bit odd.  Why Alpha waves, and not Theta?  It would seem rather commonplace for some of the waves from the previous sector to be intruding into the deep Delta sleep.  But why are Alpha waves, not Theta intruding in the Delta cadence?  And why does Alpha just ride over the Delta waves and not replace them altogether?

The short answer is, the scientists don’t know!

I don’t know either, but let’s have some fun speculating.  It’s not fattening, taxable or illegal, and sometimes it is even productive.

The sleep researchers are rather united in condemning the Alpha waves during Delta sleep.  In fact, they use the pejorative “Alpha intrusion” to define this dynamic.  The standard logic is that Alpha waves cut into the quality of the Delta sleep, and a person wakes up quite tired even though they have supposedly slept deeply.

There have been a lot of studies of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia and similar conditions, which document the consistent presence of Alpha intrusions.  The common logic is that because those naughty Alpha waves are intruding where they don’t belong, the person does not sleep well for protracted periods of time, and it contributes in some significant degree to their ill health.

While on the surface it is a plausible paradigm, it has not been proven because they don’t have tests showing that a large group of otherwise healthy people had sustained Alpha intrusion sleep and subsequently developed these debilitating diseases.

Furthermore, one bright researcher suggested that the diseases caused the Alpha intrusion, not the other way around.  He pointed out that with fibromyalgia, there are consistent pain flashes throughout the night, and it could well be that each incidence of pain causes an Alpha intrusion into the Delta sleep.

What has fascinated me is the lack of discussion of what causes the Alpha waves to be generated during that period of sleep.  There is a lot of documentation that it happens and there is subjective reporting that people are not as rested after Alpha/Delta sleep than pure Delta.  Note my comment of subjective reporting.  You cannot measure the quality of rest as precisely as you can measure the existence of brain waves.

Now consider all of the people who get good ideas while they sleep.  Thomas Edison was legendary for taking a nap when he was stumped, and having a notepad by his bed so he could jot down the answer as soon as he woke up.  What brain waves was he using, in which cycle of sleep to solve those problems?  Analogously, what are we using when we solve problems at night?

Is it possible that instead of Alpha waves playing a destructive role by intruding unceremoniously into the Delta domain, that actually, Delta is graciously providing an uncluttered workshop for Alpha waves to solve the great problems of your life?

Oh sure, there are people who take their worries to bed with them and chew on them all night long.  We all know that is not healthy.  But if you measured healthy, productive people with Alpha intrusion in their Delta sleep, is it possible that they would be more creative, ingenious, effective problem solvers in the grand mystery of living life well?

Has anyone checked?

Are we absolutely sure that ALL Alpha intrusion is a really bad, disruptive thing?

No.  There are a lot of assumptions relative to Alpha intrusions.

So let’s recap.

One researcher suggests that body pain causes Alpha intrusion.  Plausible.  I wish he would go test his theory for us.  It would be appreciated.

I used basic common sense and proposed a soul explanation for Alpha intrusions.  If we are not problem solving during the Delta phase of our sleep, when it is?  During Theta with all the REM?  That is certainly possible, but I have not found any studies that differentiate between the brain’s problem solving skills in Theta vs. Delta, nor any showing problem solving with and without Alpha intrusions.

Now if we have a body and a soul paradigm, what about the spirit being involved somehow?

I thought you would never ask!

Track with me through this sequence.  The following are quotes from our highly revered (or is it reviled?) scribes at Wikipedia.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_wave

“Alpha waves are present at different stages of the wake-sleep cycle. The most widely-researched is during the relaxed mental state, where the subject is at rest with eyes closed, but is not tired or asleep. This alpha activity is centered in the occipital lobe, and is presumed to originate there, although there has been recent speculation that it instead has a thalamic origin.”

Translation:  when your thoughts are drifting, with your eyes closed, your dominant Alpha waves are at the base of your skull, in the back.

As a point of reference, loosely speaking, the further up and forward in your brain the activity is, the more sophisticated it is.  So you do your finest thinking behind your forehead, and the stuff that goes on around the base of the skull is, well . . . not exactly Nobel Prize winning thinking.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Now, watch this progression.

“The second occurrence of alpha wave activity is during REM sleep. As opposed to the awake form of alpha activity, this form is located in a frontal-central location in the brain.”


“Frontal-central location in the brain?”  You mean as soon as I go to sleep, I start generating Alpha waves from the exact location we call the Seat of Dominion where the human spirit and the Holy Spirit hang out?!

What an amazing coincidence.

Wikipedia adds the following dab of profoundness:  “The purpose of alpha activity during REM sleep has yet to be fully understood.”

I’ll bet!!

Moving on.

“The third occurrence of alpha wave activity is the alpha-delta or slow-wave (SWS) state. This activity spreads across the brain in an anterior-posterior gradient.”

Translation:  “. . . anterior-posterior gradient” means that it starts in the front of the brain and spreads over the whole brain until it gets to the back.

Well, well!

Alpha intrusion in Delta sleep originates in the Seat of Dominion!


Coincidences abound.

Now let’s refocus.

One researcher suggested that Alpha intrusion could be caused by the body’s aches and pains.  I proposed an alternative scenario, namely that plain old ordinary soul thinking could possibly be involved.  And Wikipedia graciously informed us that in sleep mode, Alpha waves are generated by the Seat of Dominion (well, not exactly their words) and therefore might possibly have something to do with the human spirit.

Now far be it from me to leave anything neat and tidy if it can possibly be made complicated.  Just to stay in top form, here are two other alternatives.

What if it is not the human spirit, but the Holy Spirit that is launching forays from the Seat of Dominion?  And what if the Holy Spirit is creating “intrusions” of the non-cuddly type?

Unfortunately we don’t have any comparative sleep studies between people with a clear conscience and the other tribe, but having the Holy Spirit harassing you all night long could explain some of the less than energizing results from most of the Alpha/Delta sleep tests.

And clearly the same would be true if the Alpha intrusion came compliments of an unholy spirit.  Frankly I have met a few people whose Seat of Dominion was occupied by non-human spirits of the malevolent kind.

For some strange reason, Wikipedia has not documented any brain wave sleep studies comparing and contrasting a bunch of ordinary pre-Christians to a batch of well sorted out, big spirited people from the Sapphire tribe whose human spirit is joyously and solidly in control of the Seat of Dominion.

What a pity.

Clearly we don’t know what this Alpha intrusion in the Delta wave sleep cycle is about, but there certainly are some fascinating coincidences in the scientific studies that have been done to date.  Hopefully some more aggressive constructs will be tested in the near term.

Copyright January 2013 by Arthur Burk

Written during a retreat on Mercy land

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